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  • Specifically designed for use in tight, difficult locations
  • The chuck can be operated one handedly if necessary
  • Dust and drip proof operation – ideal for outdoor work
  • Suitable for use on masonry, steel or wood
  • Weights 2.3kg
  • Push button battery fuel gauge

If you're looking for a high-spec combi-drill that's especially designed for challenging environments and tough jobs, then the Makita DHP458Z is a great solution. If you've already got a 4Ah Li-ion battery, it will probably be compatible with this tool. Using Li-ion batteries ensures excellent performance and allows the combi-drill to last longer before recharging is required in comparison with using Ni-Cad or Ni-MH battery options. Recharging is rapid, so there's no need to delay jobs or end up with half-finished projects due to your combi-drill being out of action. A good level of power output has been achieved in the build of this product without adding an excessive amount of weight. Weighing only 2.3kg (around five pounds), the combi-drill can easily be operated one handed and may be held for protracted periods of time with ease.

A number of features have been incorporated into the Makita DHP458Z to make it suitable for difficult tasks where it may not always be possible to operate the tool using both hands. Work at a height, for example, often means that only one hand is free for changing a bit or operating the drill. The Makita has simple chuck mechanism which facilitates one handed changing and is compact enough to be easily wielded when there isn't much room. Design details have been included which minimise dust production during use, adding to the appeal of the Makita DHP458Z. Suitable for use on masonry and steel as well as wood, this is a great choice for general building maintenance or outdoor repairs.

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Battery Type Lithium-ion
Charging Time 22 min
Body only machine
Voltage 18 v
Electric Brake
Variable Speed Control Trigger
Max. in masonry 16 mm
Max. in steel 13 mm
Max. in wood 65 mm
Blows per Minute 0-30000/6000 bpm
No Load Speed 0-2000/400 rpm
Max Torque S/H 44 / 88 Nm
Torque Settings 21 + drill
Vibration: Drilling
9.5 m/sec²
Vibration K factor 1.5 m/sec²
Net weight
2.3 kg