3M Aura 9332+Gen3 FFP3 Fold Flat Mask

3M Aura 9332+Gen3 FFP3 Fold Flat Mask


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·         Original 3-panel, flat-fold design fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes

·         New 3M™ Cool Flow™ Comfort Valve allows a greater percentage of warm, exhaled air to escape, helping to increase your comfort

·         3M Advanced Electret (filter) Media helps you breathe easier

·         Innovative tabs on the upper and lower panels simplify positioning and adjustment

·         Braided headbands are colour-coded (red for FFP3) for quick and easy identification

·         Sculpted upper panel conforms to the nose and contours of the face for an effective seal

·         Embossed upper panel reduces eyewear fogging

·         Easy to store away with flat-fold design and individual wrapping

·         FFP3 (APF 20) breathing protection against hazardous work environments

3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirator 9332+Gen3 is the third generation of our best-selling 3M Aura respirator, offering comfortable and reliable FFP3 breathing protection combined with the original 3-panel, flat-fold design. It has practical positioning tabs, braided headbands and an embossed, sculpted upper panel that helps reduce eyewear fogging. It uses 3M Advanced Electret (filter) Media (AEM), a high-performance material that’s engineered for easy breathing, and a new 3M™ Cool Flow™ Comfort Valve to reduce heat build-up.