W163 3mm Ruby Mounted Point

W163 3mm Ruby Mounted Point

W163 3mm Ruby Mounted Point


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Pink Abrasive Points Applications include deburring, smoothing, cleaning, polishing and general finishing operations Maximum operating speeds depend on shape and size of wheel, size of shank and amount of overhang Operating speeds quoted are for an overhang of 13mm. If an overhang of more than 13mm is used then the maximum operating speeds are reduced. See the Health and Safety Executive Publication Ref HS(G)17 and the European Safety Co issued by the Federation of European Producers of Abrasive Products (FEPA No 12GB74) Caution When using Mounted Points always observe the safety instructions: do not exceed the maximum operating speeds and overhang of points; always wear eye protection; check that the bearings and collet of the grinder are not worn; avoid excessive pressure which could damage the mandrel. Mounted Abrasive Points Pink abrasive mounted points supplied as a single unit. Maximum Safe Speed 15000rpm Maximum Speed at 13 mm Overhang 60000rpm Shape Reference W163 Shaft Diameter 3mm